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DATE/TIME: October 24 – November 4, 2022

Class will begin each day at 8:00 am

LOCATION: York County HAZMAT/CBRNE Training Facility
503 Back Creek Road, Seaford, Virginia

DESCRIPTION: This Specialist-level course is a 10-day program of intense instruction and practice focusing on advanced
hazardous materials control techniques and special topics dealing with advanced hazardous materials
response. Subject areas include damage assessment, terminology, cargo tank design and construction, and
containers used throughout highway, rail, industrial and marine settings. The course will culminate in
practical exercises dealing with advanced hazardous materials response.

PREREQUISITES: Enrollment to this course is limited to 24 individuals. All applicants must be certified to the level of
Hazardous Materials Technician prior to the start of class and must have completed the VDEM
Chemistry of Hazardous Materials course prior to acceptance into this program. First preference
will be given to current members of COV Regional Hazardous Materials Response Teams. Each team will be
allotted two student openings.

COST: For members of COV Regional Hazardous Materials Response Teams, lodging will be direct billed to VDEM.

Meals will be on a reimbursement basis.

APPLICATION: Download and complete the VDEM HAZMAT Training Application from the VDEM website: by September 19, 2022 to
your regional VDEM Hazardous Materials Officer or the following address:

Virginia Department of Emergency Management
Training, Education, and Exercise Division – HAZMAT Academic Support
9711 Farrar Court Suite 200
North Chesterfield, Virginia 23236 Phone: (804) 267-7685


By September 23, 2022

OTHER INFORMATION: Applications for attendance transmitted by facsimile or email will be accepted if submitted prior to the application deadline. However, a properly signed original application must also be submitted by mail.
All students will be required to provide the following: full set of turn-out gear, one self-contained breathing
apparatus with bottle, one spare SCBA bottle, and steel-toe work boots. Students without the required
equipment will not be allowed to participate in field exercises and will not receive certification.

14 July 2022