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MGT-445 REP Plume Plan and Review Course (RPPR)- Spotsylvania

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WHEN: Wednesday Afternoon to Friday, August 10-12, 2022 (2.5 days)

Course Times: Training Sessions Wednesday Afternoon, 1:00pm to 5:00pm, Thursday-Friday, 8:00 am to 5:00 pm (EDT)

WHERE: Spotsylvania Emergency Management Agency
9119 Dean Ridings Lane
Spotsylvania, Virginia 22553

Delivery: In classroom delivery
Host: FEMA Region 3
For additional information regarding the course please contact:

Prerequisites: Students are required to complete the following course prerequisites prior to the first day of class:
Click on the link below to the Emergency Management Institute to take the IS-235.c Emergency Planning course

Prerequisite(s): AWR-317 REP Core Concepts Course (RCCC) and IS235.c Emergency Planning

Registration: The registration process is shown on the following page. Please read the instructions completely before registering.

Target Audience: Federal, State, Tribal, Utility, and Local Emergency Management
Course Information: This course focuses on the review of REP emergency plans, specifically the NUREG 0654
FEMA-REP-1, Rev. 1 planning standards that address the public’s health and safety. The REP Plume Plan Review Course will include training based on the Comprehensive Preparedness Guide (CPG) -101, familiarization of Hostile Action Based (HAB) plan review, annual plan review and the Annual Letter of Certification Review Guide process.

The RPPR course materials are available online (FEMA’s Preparedness Tool Kit) Click link below:
o Participant Materials

Register with FEMA /Center for Domestic Preparedness (CDP) REP Plume Plan and Review course will be offered August 10 to August 12, 2022.
To apply for this class, follow the instructions below:

  1. Have your FEMA SID number and password available. You must have a FEMA
    SID number before you can apply for the class.
    • If you need a FEMA SID number, go to FEMA Student Identification System
    and click “Register for a FEMA SID” or click “Forgot FEMA SID?” if you have
    forgotten your FEMA SID.
    • Registering for a FEMA SID does not register you for this class. Youmust
    apply for the class separately.
  2. Click this link to apply for the class: Click Here to Apply
    • Enter your FEMA SID and password.
    • A CDP Training Registration System (TRS) application for 22N-1282 MGT-445
    will open.
    • Complete the required fields.
    • Click the “Review and Submit Application Now” button.
    • Complete the application process by clicking the affirmation checkboxand
    providing your digital signature by entering your name and FEMA SID
    (If you have trouble with the link, go to CDP Student Portal and enter 22N-1282 MGT445 in the “Have a Promo Code?” box. You must enter the promo code exactly as it
    appears here to successfully apply).
  3. If you encounter any errors, please do not attempt to bypass or skip throughthem.
    Please document the error with as many details as possible and/or screen shots
    (print screen) and submit to so the error can
    be documented and addressed by the development team. Once the error has
    been reported, then proceed.
  4. After you have completed registration, click on the following link toprovide
    feedback on TRS:

VDEM Consortium POC: Joe Scott