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MGT 449: Community Based Response to All-Hazards Threats in Tribal Communities (King William)

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Emergency Management




WHEN: February 7th-8th, 2023, from 8:00 am – 5:00 pm

WHERE: Sharon Indian School

13383 King William Rd
King William, VA 23086

DETAILS: MGT 449 is a 12-hour, DHS/FEMA-certified, tuition-free, management level course. This course provides tribal nations with the knowledge, skills and abilities necessary to effectively detect, respond to, manage, and mitigate all-hazards threats using a whole community approach. This course will include a practical exercise designed specifically to meet the needs of tribal communities. Participants will utilize the exercise to identify all-hazards emergency planning in tribal communities and describe response and recovery considerations that should be included in tribal all-hazards emergency plans.

Related Course: PER 333 Isolation and Quarantine Response Strategies in the Event of a Biological Disease Outbreak in Tribal Nations.
Topics include (but not limited to):
• Whole community response and all-hazards threats
• Needs in managing an effective all-hazards response
• Applying risk assessments in Tribal emergency planning
• Community-based response and recovery strategies
• Practical exercise in utilizing a whole community approach developing
all-hazards threats emergency plans in a tribal community

IMPORTANT REGISTRATION INFORMATION: Registration is required through the RDPC website. Register for this course by visiting the following link:

**The flyer shows January 23rd as the last day to register, registration for this class has been extended through the weekend and into early next week. **

Register no later than 2 weeks before the course date. A minimum of 20 registrations must be received by this date to ensure the class will be held. FEMA S.I.D. REQUIRED. Register for your FEMA Student Identification Number by visiting


Who Should Attend:
• Law Enforcement
• Fire Service
• Animal Emergency Services
• Emergency Management Personnel
• Agricultural Safety (Pre- and Post-Harvest)
• Community Stakeholders
• Public Health
• Tribal Agencies and Leadership Councils

COURSE POC: Laura Hahn, (757) 707-6438,

For more information regarding this course, please contact the following

Amy Kirk, (865) 974-6530,