Radiological + Nuclear

There are early warning sirens located throughout the 10-mile area surrounding both North Anna and Surry power stations.  These sirens alert the public to a general Emergency.


Radiological emergency

  • In an actual emergency, the sirens would sound four separate 3-minute tones, each separated by 1 minute of silence, totaling 15 minutes.
  • When sirens sound, listen to a local TV or radio for instructions.

Residents and businesses within 10 miles of North Anna or Surry power stations receive The Emergency Planning Information Calendar, which contains more specific information about preparing for radiological emergencies. You can find the same information at the beginning of the yellow pages section of area phone books.

Emergency officials will tell you whether you should evacuate or stay and give instructions about taking potassium iodide. They will refer to Protective Action Zones:



  • Dominion Virginia Power, VDEM and local governments test these sirens every three months.
  • Siren tests are a single 3-minute tone.

Dominion Virginia Power has more information.