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Emergency Support Team (VEST) Status Green, Steady State

VEOC Activation Status: Green, Steady State

Vaccination Site Selection

Site identification and selection process information.

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Point of Contact Information


Facility Information

Vaccination Site Category(Required)
Vaccination sites are categorized by capacity. Which "Type" of facility do you anticipate this location to be?
Is the facility ADA Compliant? *(Required)
Does the facility have adequate IT capability and support. *(Required)
(high speed internet, Wi-Fi, and computer hardware to handle the needed software programs)
Is there adequate Access/Traffic Control/Parking *(Required)
(both to prevent back-up on public roads, as well traffic handling and parking within the site).
Would you need assistance with site security? *(Required)
Is there adequate secure storage on site with appropriate cold storage capabilities? *(Required)
Do you have adequate custodial staff and do they have the ability to handle medical waste? *(Required)
Are there adequate rest room facilities or would port-a-johns be needed? *(Required)
Are there any dates between today and August 31 that this facility will not be available? *(Required)