RICHMOND Nearly $420,000 will be awarded to 19 localities across the Commonwealth as part of a competitive process under the Supplemental Local Emergency Management Performance Grant (SLEMPG) program.  The Virginia Department of Emergency Management will administer the funds, which are received annually from the U.S. Department of Homeland Security.

“Our top priority remains the safety of the Commonwealth and its citizens, and these grants are a prime example of how we can continue to strengthen our commitment to localities across the state,” said Secretary of Public Safety and Homeland Security, Brian Moran. “This is an integral piece to building a more resilient Virginia.”

Secretary Moran announced this grant program at a regional resiliency conference in May focusing on five key areas: sheltering supplies and/or equipment, access and functional needs programs supplies and/or equipment, public alerting, warning and notification systems, mass casualty and/or active shooter programs, equipment, training and/or exercises, and pet sheltering supplies and/or equipment. This year’s competitive grant application process focused on projects that would create or enhance these capabilities.

The SLEMPG funds enable enhancements to the Commonwealth’s preparedness for all types of disasters—natural or human-caused. The funds also allow communities to strengthen their capabilities to respond to the needs of their citizens and create a stronger, more prepared, and more resilient Commonwealth.

“This federal emergency management grant funding will help localities better prepare our citizens and make Virginia communities more resilient,” said Dr. Jeffrey Stern, Virginia’s state coordinator of emergency management. “We will continue to explore innovative ways to invest in the Commonwealth’s ability to prepare for, respond to and recover from an emergency or disaster.”

Localities were invited to submit applications to support the priority areas for up to $30,000.  Each awarded project is also required to provide a one-to-one local match for the project.  A total of 37 projects were submitted by 29 localities. Below is a listing of the grant allocation awarded by locality:

Locality Project Name Total Budget Request
Amelia County Mass Casualty/Active Shooter Equipment $14,010
Appomattox County Emergency Shelter Equipment $17,500
Bath County Emergency Shelter Equipment $25,000
Cumberland County Mass Communication/Emergency Alerting System $3,300
Essex County Mass Communication/Emergency Alerting System $11,300
Fairfax City Outreach/Awareness Public Notification $30,000
Halifax County Public Warning/System Upgrades $27,816
Hampton City Active Shooter Training/Exercises & Emergency Shelter Equipment $30,000
Henry County Active Shooter Training and Exercise Program $30,000
Isle of Wight County Emergency Shelter Equipment $16,600
Mathews County Emergency Shelter Equipment/Supplies $30,000
Newport News City Flood Alert and Warning System $30,000
Page County Active Shooter Training Program $30,000
Roanoke City Active Shooter Training Program $24,000
Roanoke County Emergency Shelter Equipment $20,000
Southampton County Emergency Shelter Equipment $15,757
Suffolk City Mass Communication/Emergency Alerting System $19,000
Virginia Beach City Active Shooter Training and Exercise Program $10,500
Virginia Beach City Pet Sheltering Project $9,680
Wise County Mass Communication/Emergency Alerting System $25,000


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