VDEM Offers Flooding Messaging for Communities Dealing With Heavy Rain

RICHMOND — With widespread flooding impacting large portions of the Commonwealth, the Virginia Department of Emergency Management (VDEM) offers the following flood information to help citizens dealing with rising waters and flood damage to their homes.

Prepare for flooding

  • Know the weather terms and what you should do:

    • Flood Watch or Flash Flood Watch: There is an increased possibility of flooding or a flash flood in your area.

    • Flood Warning: Flooding is occurring or will likely occur very soon. If emergency officials advise you to evacuate, do so immediately.

    • Flash Flood Warning: Flash flooding is occurring. Seek higher ground immediately – don’t wait for official instructions.

  • Be prepared to evacuate. Don’t return to your home until local officials say it is safe.  After floodwaters recede, roads could be weakened and could collapse. Buildings might be unstable, and drinking water might be contaminated.

  • Use common sense and look for information. If water is rising quickly or you see a moving wall of mud or debris, immediately move to higher ground.

  • Do not walk through moving water. Look for areas where the water is not moving. What might seem like a small amount of moving water can easily knock you down.

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