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Possible Additions to NG9-1-1 Diverse Connection Costs

This update was published by 9-1-1 and Geospatial Services Bureau (NGS)
Published: July 1, 2019

Richmond (ISP) –  ISP has determined there may be additional costs in connecting PSAPs to the ESINet. Each PSAP needs two distinct paths for the two diverse broadband circuits to enter the building. If you do not already have two, a second route needs to be established from the property line into the building. The cost of adding this was not originally considered in the migration proposals because we were not aware of the issue until circuit installation started. To date, we have seen quotes of $30,000 to $40,000 to bring the second connection into the building. The 9-1-1 Service Board is committed to cover these costs for NG9-1-1 implementation. The Approval Process for Diverse Broadband Circuits outlines the simple process for approval of these costs.

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