Commonwealth Coordination Bureau (CCB)

CCB Overview

The CCB is responsible for the administration and coordination of the full VEST. The CCB consists of the Planning Division, Operational Coordination Division, Commonwealth of Virginia Incident Management Assistance Team, Training, Exercise, and Education Division, VEST Training and Exercise, and the Situational Awareness Unit. The goal of the Virginia Department of Emergency Management (VDEM) CCB is to build and strengthen relationships amongst VEST members and partners which include state agencies, private businesses, volunteer organizations, and federal agencies that are tasked with emergency preparedness, response, and recovery in the Commonwealth of Virginia in an effort to achieve the VEST Mission.

The divisions and teams that make up the CCB allow the CCB to have all pieces of the National Preparedness Cycle. The National Preparedness Cycle is a continuous cycle of planning, organizing, equipping, training, exercising, evaluating, and improving.




Jennifer Sharpe

Director, Operational Coordination Division

Mark Bender

Director, COVIMAT Division

Michelle Oblinsky

Deputy State Coordinator - VEST Chief

Patrick Cox

VEST Coordinator - Training and Exercise


Administrative Coordinator

Stephanie Harris

Director, Training and Exercise

Thomas Berry

Planning Division Director