Response Programs

The Response Programs Division office is based in Richmond with field staff across the Commonwealth for Hazardous Materials and Special Operations response. The Division also includes the All-Hazards Logistics Branch and the Radiological Emergency Preparedness (REP) Branch. Response Programs works closely with the Regional Support teams in the areas of response, recovery, training and exercises. Additionally, Branch Chiefs provide programmatic management of the Regionally based Hazardous Materials, Search and Rescue, and Water Rescue teams as well as the Communications Caches.

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Brad Halsey

Logistics Specialist-Preparedness

Brian Iverson

Radiological Protection Officer

Archer Stark

REP Program Manager

James (Bryan) Saunders

Special Operations Branch Chief

Jason Eaton

Logistics Branch Chief

John Zelsnack

REP Training and Exercise Coordinator

Mike Keefe-Thomas

Chief of Communications and UAS Programs

Sarah Chappel

Flood Intel Unit Hydrologist

Steven Pyle

Flood Intel Unit Program Manager

Tom Jordan

Technological Hazards Branch Chief

Vic Rivera

Logistics Support Specialist

Will Hunter

Logistics Specialist/Resource Manager