4602 Severe Winter Storms

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Cities, Counties, Towns, Non-Profits, Tribal Government

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Originally Posted

July 28, 2021


Overview of Public Assistance Program

For the current Severe Winter Storms disaster declaration (FEMA 4602 DR-VA), all categories of costs are potentially reimbursable costs that do not qualify under another state or federal grant program. In accordance with section 502 of the Stafford Act, the program provides funding for emergency assistance to save lives and protect property, and assists with funding for permanently restoring community infrastructure affected by a federally declared incident. Eligible work must be required as a result of the declared incident, be located in the designated area, be the legal responsibility of the applicant, and be undertaken at a reasonable cost. FEMA will not duplicate assistance provided by other programs, insurance, or federal agencies. Local government and authorities, state agencies, tribal governments, and certain private non-profits organizations are eligible to apply. FEMA reimbursements are available at 75% of the total eligible cost. For public assistance guidance, please visit https://www.fema.gov/assistance/public/policy-guidance-fact-sheets

Pre-Award Process

Before a project can be created and federal funds can be obligated, sub-recipients will need to submit a request for public assistance (RPA) on the FEMA portal. Sub-recipients may request assistance for RPA submission for DR-4602 Severe Winter Storms grant costs. For more pre-award information please see the attached resources.

Getting Started

Step 1: Contact your Regional Grant Administrator or email the recovery inbox with your intent to submit. Please view the Regional Staff Map

Step 2: Submit an RPA

Step 3: Attend Applicant Briefing


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